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6 March 17

Club Meeting - Judging Evening
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20 March 17

Mark Rayner Presentation
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3 April 17

Club Meeting - Judging Evening
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Your Project 2017

Posted by David on 16 February 2017

The club meeting on Monday 27th February, (Conversations Night), is the first club night this year to discuss your portfolio project for this year.
For those that have not already started, there will be examples of projects that photographers have worked on, to start you thinking about an original concept for yourself.
Links to websites and other advice on creating an artistís statement will be available.
Restating the guidelines.
Four or more images on a theme. It may be that six or more images may give a greater depth of expression to your thoughts.
Format optional: Prints, Projected Images, Audio Visual, Book.
Artist statement at or very near to the beginning of your project to set your path and give yourself a gaol to work towards. The artist statement is your own expression of purpose, and feelings. There will be assistance if needed in preparing an artist statement.
Informal and formal evaluations and mentoring during the year to check your progress.
The project completion date is the last meeting in September.
The October meeting will be the night to show your completed project
The idea is to have a serious cohesive body of work and have fun challenging yourself.
Members who are not working on a project are very welcome to attend and are encouraged to join in the discussions.