Special Competitions and Activities.

This page details some of the clubs activities

Annual Hunt and Shoot

Each year a venue is selected for our Hunt and Shoot Competition. When members arrive a number of topics are selected and each member is charged to capture an image of each of the subjects within a set timeframe.

All images must be as ‘in camera’ without editing or enhancement and presented on completion of the given time in JPEG format. The images are then ‘judged’ after our annual general meeting by all attending members.

AV Presentations

A competition for a sequence of images in slideshow/movie form is held as part of our end of year presentation and, biennially, as an interclub competition

Annual Camp

Each year a venue is selected for our Weekend Camp.

Normally held between July and September, the camp is a great way to members to join in social as well as photographic experiences.

End of Year Presentation Dinner

The presentation dinner is our showcase night with the presentation of grade promotions, awards and trophies.
Trophies are awarded for outstanding work in each of the grades and special trophies for a number of categories.