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About this event:

Created by Andrew Marks

Enter Set ‘Rust/rusty’ images and Open images for October 2018. Judging of Set ‘Patterns in nature’ images and Open images for September 2018.

Rust/rusty Definition: ’A reddish – or yellowish-brown flaking coating of iron oxide that is formed on iron or steel by oxidation, especially in the presence of moisture.” NOTE: NEW CLUB ADDRESS FROM AUGUST ONWARDS, COMMUNITY HALL, 77 BRACKEN ST. BRACKEN RIDGE 4O17

Patterns in nature Definition: PLEASE NOTE All meetings from August onwards will be in our new hall – Bracken Ridge Community Hall, 77 Bracken St Bracken Ridge. One of the important abilities of photographers is the ability to observe, especially in an artistic way. A creative picture is then formed in one’s brain before it’s taken. Trained eyes and brains can see stunning images that other people may not see. So finding patterns in nature and turning them into art is a good practice for photographers. The judging criteria would then be how well a pattern in nature is observed and turned into a picture creatively. To be accepted, the image has to have a pattern from nature, not from man- made items such as buildings. NOTE: NEW CLUB ADDRESS FROM AUGUST ONWARDS, COMMUNITY HALL, 77 BRACKEN ST, BRACKEN RIDGE

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