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Created by Andrew Marks

Polar Exposures, Earle Bridger.

Not to be missed, if you are doing something that night, cancel it!

Earle began his photography career as a cadet news photographer with The Courier Mail newspaper in 1972. After an exciting 10 years with this metropolitan daily covering news events throughout Queensland and Papua and New Guinea he moved into freelance work where for 15 years he produced images for dozens of Australian newspapers and magazines, specializing in sport and news photography. He worked for the Daily Mirror in Fleet Street London, was contracted to complete two books, ‘Brisbane 82’ and ‘The Twelfth Commonwealth Games, The Official Pictorial History’.

1987-1988 he worked in England as a photography lecturer with Sandwell College of Further and Higher Education, West Midlands. From 1995 to 1996 while completing a ‘Master of Arts – Photography’ at Ohio University he worked for the Athens News as a photojournalist and at the Columbus Dispatch as an assistant picture editor.

Earle worked as a commissioned Photo Editor for Reuters during the Sydney Olympic Games and as a Photo Manager for the Brisbane Goodwill Games. 2006/2007 he spent 18 months as the Pictorial Editor of The Sunday Mail, then Australia’s second largest circulation newspaper (650,000)

Earle’s teaching career has seen him hold many Griffith University appointments such as Senior lecturer Photojournalism, Convenor of Photography Programs, Queensland College of Art (QCA), Deputy Director Gold Coast and most recently as QCA Deputy Director (Development).

He took his first group of photography students on a field trip to the United States in 1992 and since then has either led or participated in multiple trips to China, Vietnam, Peru, Laos, Cambodia, Switzerland and Venice, Poland, Bangladesh, Czech Republic and Nepal.

Earle left full time employment with the university in 2014 to enable more time for his personal Photographic projects such as conducting photographic tours to the Polar regions.

Earle says,’A month ago I returned from another trip to the north, this time as a photojournalist and crewman on board a three mastered timber schooner for a sail from Copenhagen to the Svalbard in the Arctic so have plenty of stories to tell of my 7 week trip.’

Presented By: Earle Bridger

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