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About this event:

Created by Andrew Marks

Enter all Print and Projected Images for the End of Year Competition, except the ‘Print of the Year’ (to be brought on the judging night). Judging of Set ‘Entertainer/s’ images and Open images for November 2018.

Entertainer/s Definition: A person such as a singer, dancer or comedian whose job is to entertain others’. But this can be extended to family entertaining themselves with kids and pets etc etc. An entertainer might be a musician, juggler, martial arts expert, circus performer, busker and no doubt there are other types of entertainers. The main objective is to capture the artist at some dynamic or pleasing part of their performance. Some entertainers can be almost expressionless during their performance, and it may be necessary to capture the image in the few seconds after their performance when they relax and possibly smile at the audience. Some, singers especially, contort their faces into many unattractive expressions during the performance, so the suggestion above still applies. Lighting is quite variable depending on the location; street, outdoor stage, indoor stage or setting. If the stage is lit by rotating strobe lighting, it is usually desirable to wait for the light to wash across the artists face. Often, but not always, it is necessary to use higher ISO values and lower than desired shutter speed to get a good exposure. The lower shutter speed and the likelihood of a softer or more blurred photo, can be partly offset by capturing the moment in between a period of activity. eg. at the end of verse of a song, or when an acrobatic group strikes a pose at the peak of their display.

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