Beachmere Sunrise/Moonrise

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About this event:

Created by Events Co-Ordinator

Organiser Daryl Fisher

Tide times at Beachmere is dead low tide is scheduled for 5.38 am at the Brisbane Bar, little bit later at Beachmere. Sunrise , 6.15am but be there earlier for the Full Moon.. you don’t want to miss this one!

What to bring 
Rubber Boots, Tripod – put a plastic bag securely on the legs to keep them out of the salt water, Cable release recommended and full battery and empty card. Torch or headlight for adjusting the settings. MOZZIE repellent.

After the sun has risen. There is a cafe down the road for breakfast.

Where in Beachmere
As you come into Beachmere, turn right at the bowls club(?) and go as far south back towards Redcliffe way to a car park at the end of the road. Once out , and loaded with your gear walk south still towards Redcliffe down over the flats.


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