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About this event:

Created by programsofficer

Please RSVP via this website so we know who’s coming!

So far we have 11 members in this fun group with room for more. So if you missed our last meeting and have some interest in joining the group or just want to find out how we operate and collaborate with each other then please come along.

There are many interesting projects being undertaken already and others are about to start, so progress will be discussed by the authors and assistance given by the group. Bring along your images.

This is a great means of increasing your photographic knowledge in a relaxed and collaborative setting where competition and egos are left at the door. My greyhound can sniff out a huge ego from 100 metres. Your level of photographic expertise is totally irrelevant. Apart from the projects any and all “matters photographique” are discussed.

And please, no more TimTams, biscuits and dips for the moment….we have a bit of a glut which we need to get through.

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