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Architecture – Definition

The picture must be of a building intended for human occupation or use. It may be a picture of the exterior or interior and may be a detail of a limited part of a building or buildings  that displays architectural angles and lines in a dynamic or colourful way (Monochrome allowed).

Broad cityscapes that include many buildings will not be accepted. Engineering structures such as bridges, communications towers and motorways will not be accepted. (Queensland Interclub Subject)

Put your entries in for May – Where Does the Other Sock Go

The other sock has disappeared from the washing. Where has it gone? What is it up to? Now is your chance to use your imagination and catch that sock doing what an escapee sock would be doing. Imagination and creativity is what is needed here to come up with an image that tells a story and produces a humorous response from the viewer. Bring that sock to life. No computer manipulated altered reality permitted. Do it in camera! Use your imagination!  (PCC 3 way interclub subject)


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