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From Daryl Fisher

Daryl Fisher is holding another sunrise shoot at Fortitude street, Nudgee Beach at the  community park.

 When I had a look this morning, the area is well kept, shelter shed, tables and seats, electric bar-b-que (maybe for a sausage sizzle) and toilets that are handy to the site. Access to the “mud flats”is via a concrete boat ramp, and any direction can be taken from there. Views towards Redcliffe, Sandgate and also to Container cranes at Port of Brisbane with maybe a plane landing or taking off and some wetland areas nearby.
            Time wise , still planning on being there about 5.15 am , as sunrise is around the 5.45-5.50 am mark. Hopefully , with a bit of good luck , there was some ( 5 of them ) race horses being exercised on the flats there this morning. Might make for some good shots.
      Dead low tide is around the 5.00 am mark, sunrise should be about 5.45 am. If anyone is interested in attending, please e-mail Daryl(lyn_daryl@bigpond.com) to let him know how many are attending. Do not forget mozzie repellent, cable release, and maybe a lens shade over your whole camera, possibly a towel to dry things off if you go for a swim,  plastic bags on the legs of your tripod  because of the saltwater obviously.

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