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Set Subject – The human form

Submissions for the November Entry is due tonight at midnight – NOT TUESDAY 8th OCTOBER.

Put your entries in for November by Midnight Monday 7th October – Set Subject Human Form.

An appreciation of body shape, including body postures, sitting, standing, sleeping and movements such as walking, running dancing etc. A stylised depiction of the human form, with the line and form of the human figure as the primary objective, rather than the subject person. The primary focus need not be on the whole figure but could focus on parts of the body eg., the hands and arms, feet and legs, musculature, the hair and head. The figure can be unclothed or clothed. The topic is “Human Form” not necessarily “The Nude”. For instance it could be a detailed examination of an athlete running or a dancer or labourer, but it must concentrate on the body or part of the body in these situations. In a figure study in a posed setting, the use of light and shade is used to delineate the form and may be taken to the point of abstraction. Depiction of the innate beauty of the human body need not be the main focus, the effects of ageing and time on the body might be photographer’s aim.