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Personal Project Presentations


Paul Skehan – A Love Of Trains – Audio Visual

I have a number of interests other than photography. My special project involves one of those interests in which my photography played a major part. It could be said that my project started in 1961 as that is the year in which I took my first photographs of the subjects that form my special project. Those negatives, together with others, have been scanned and incorporated in an audio visual presentation. For the majority of images it is the first time that I have viewed them in a form other than the original negative. Have I enjoyed doing my special project? The answer is yes. I hope that you enjoy watching my presentation as much as I did creating it.

Cesar Sarmiento – Faith, a Journey into the Unknown – PhotoBook

This is a book about trust in God. It is not a theological book but a book about my experience with God in the area of Faith. I have discovered that faith doesn’t makes sense; in this book some of the photos don’t make sense either, some are blurry, some don’t look like the real thing, some are oversaturated or undersaturated. Some are totally out of focus or taken from places that photos shouldn’t be taken but behind every photo was an amazing place, an amazing experience, the discovering of something new and pretty.

Jeff White – Hiking the South East Queensland Coast – Website

An epic 1100km 52-day hike between Rainbow Beach and Point Danger. I introduced this five-year in-progress project back in January – it is now complete and live on the website This is a very useful resource for club members interested in coastal photography.

Peter Law – Don’t Let the Old Man In – Audio Visual

An intimate look into the life of my next door neighbour Colin. He’s in his early 80’s now and facing the realities of ageing. This a short story about meeting the challenges that ageing throws at us. Inspired by the motion picture, The Mule.

Bob Dunn – Wild West – Mounted A3 Pictorial Poster

When in WA last year for a conference we extended for a few days and were lucky to still have some wild flowers in bloom. Also we visited the Pinnacles. My thought is to have a picture of the Pinnacles (which on its own can be boring)  as the centre feature and a series of wild flowers around it mounted on an A3 size board. Apart from being a good keep sake of our trip, I’m hoping it will end up being good enough to display at home.

John Stein – They Have Walked This Earth for 700 Years – Prints 15″ x 10″

A series of environmental portraits of 10 gentlemen around 70 years of age. The challenge was to photograph them using a standard 50mm lens and one off-camera flash.

Margaret Kemp – The Magic of Water Droplets – PhotoBook

“The Magic of Water Droplets” began whilst photographing for “Dragonflies and Damselflies” and “Backyard Bugs”.  My challenge was to capture the unique and natural water droplets as they magically appear on flora, fauna and man-made objects and project sunlight and reflect images before they evaporate as the environment warms.  No spray bottle, glycerine, tripod, macro lens, props or photoshop manipulation was used in the creation of the images.


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