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Looking for numbers for a day out on the Mary River Rattler (Steam Train ride out of Gympie). I have checked up on times to be there at the station, at 9.15 am. The train apparently does not leave until 10.00 am but for a group booking to be there at 9.15. If anyone does not want to go both ways , apparently some people only train one way and get a lift back so you can get photos of bridge crossings that you can’t get on the train or vice versa. That means some people will need a lift either way.

Train leaves at Gympie at Tozer street at 10.00 am and arrives in Amamoor at 11.00 am , leaves Amamoor at 11.40 am, arrives at Dagun at 11.50 , departs Dagun at 12.30 pm and arrives back in Gympie at 1.30 pm.

Concession fares are at $56.00.   date of event is scheduled for 22nd November. Anyone wanting to go , you will need to book tickets on line :- .

Anyone wanting to go , to be there at 9.15 , you will need to leave Brisbane early, (7.00-7.15)  distance to Gympie is 160 kilometres and travelling time is dependent on traffic congestion .

Depending on numbers , if there is enough , more than 20 , we are liable for a further discount. I have a layout of the train line and bridges , crossings etc, if anyone wants a copy. Please contact me if you are going well before the due date.

Date of event is planned for Sunday,  22nd November.

I have just been advised , there is a need for more people to come along as there will be possibly up to six people done up in 1870’s period costume at the train station before departure. The usual step is that whatever images we take the Society would like a copy as well. Come along and make it a great day for the club and the period people as well as other train commuters


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