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Lets meet up as a group to see and hear Gary Cranitch, Qld Museum Photographer.


Queensland contains some of the most revered and stunning landscapes in the world, and capturing their magic takes real skill and years of patience. Fortunately, Queensland Museum has exactly that in internationally renowned photographer Gary Cranitch, whose work appears in publications around the world. From the vast coastline to the inland borders, Gary’s images will leave you feeling awed, delighted and proud to be a Queenslander.

The plan is that we all meet up at the Museum’s Muse Cafe at the end of the Whale Mall on Level 2 around 9.45 to 10am for a coffee and chat. After that we can enter the Museum and attend the event at 11am.

You must book a ticket online at https://www.worldsciencefestival.com.au/event-program/brisbane/queenslands-extreme-environments-with-gary-cranitch?_cldee=cmhzX3B1YmxpY0Bob3RtYWlsLmNvbQ%3D%3D&recipientid=contact-0df7f0ef024de811815ce0071b661681-880cba2b3647443a8d3a08baaff1d7b3&esid=daf232ea-076c-eb11-a812-000d3acb9557&fbclid=IwAR1GFcBIQ5rZySfe9F4NUKSNkXeeq1SZdzFnL4u_PnrBcToIpqv4f6Cxxxo

The show runs for an hour and then we can continue over the street to Fish Lane for a Photo-walk through this very long and interesting laneway that dates back to early Brisbane, so be sure to bring your camera for some great street photography and interesting people and street art. I’ve posted some shots of the area on Friends of Aspley CC. There are also some great “watering holes” on the way if you’re not driving. Parking will be at a premium in this area, so one suggestion is to park in the city at King George Square and walk over the bridge to South Bris. It cheap parking there on the weekend around $5 or $6 bucks. I think I might catch public transport and avoid the need to park.

My seat in the theatre is B14. But get in quick if you’re coming, it’s not a huge theatre. Hope to see you there. Make sure you RSVP so we know how many to expect hey.


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