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Have got another coffee morning on the go, this time at Shorncliffe at the corner of Swan street and Park rd in Shorncliffe, Now, this one is just past the exit out of the Shorncliffe Pier parking area, (up on the hill ) opposite the parking area if you were to walk down to the beach in front of the pier. Go past the exit out of the pier parking area and about another 100 metres maybe on the left.

Again booked in for up to 16 people, and I was promised our own little enclave at the coffee shop, looking at the shop from the street , we should be on the very right hand side of the shop. Sorry, about the day (Thursday again ) I am going to try for another Sunday morning at a different place next coffee morning. Was told , if on a Sunday morning , it is too busy and only about 1 1/2 – 2 hours. Had already booked in. Will get a good one , one day!!!!!

Again , please need R.S.V.P.’s to let them know how many are coming , the menu looks pretty good at this place. I was recommended it, so it had better be good.

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