Events > 2021 > September > REDCLIFFE KITE FESTIVAL 11TH and 12 SEPTEMBER,

About this event:

Created by Events Co-Ordinator

This event is a big kite flying event at the waterfront at Clontarf and has been going for several years. There has been some very large and spectacular kites flying there. I have seen some of the kites with the control lines tied to the back of small trucks as a anchor point. Other ones , with people skipping across the park holding on to the kites. And some great costumes as well.

Anyone wishing to go, best if you can get there early (yes, I said “EARLY ” ) , have not been for a couple of years , but naturally parking is strictly limited and enforced in  the area.

Anyone wanting to go, I hope to be there early myself so , rsvp to me and will have to meet somewhere.

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