SOCIAL DAY / WORKSHOP DAY at Sandgate Foreshore.

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About this event:

Created by Events Co-Ordinator

From Your Tireless Events Coordinator – Daryl


Daryl has planned a Social Day /Workshop Day at Sandgate Foreshore at Arthur Davis Park between sixth and seventh avenue at Sandgate. The area is immediately beside the Sandgate swimming pool area on the southern side of the pool. There are two bar-b-que areas and shelter sheds with seating as well. There are two shops very close to this area for non bar-b-que type food and folks.

Now, depending on how many people are going to come, you will most probably should bring your folding chair or you may be sitting on the ground. If so, bring a hat, if outside.

On this day , the high tide will be at 8.10 am in the morning and there will be a good chance that there will be a few of those sailboarders there as well. All who come along, your friends/family will be welcome also. Good chance for some portrait type shots to be had and also action shots and some kids on playground equipment.

The morning, I am hoping, will be attended by as many new members as possible and also some more experienced members (hint, hint, get the message, experienced members) as this event is planned to give the new inexperienced members a chance to get to know and use their camera gear and to get as many more experienced members to help them to achieve better results. I will guess that there are a few newer ones that would really appreciate a day like this and also they can meet other members as well.

So, anyone that comes along, charge your batteries and have an empty card or cards. Maybe bring a tripod and a couple of different lenses.

Now,all that are wanting to come, like I keep saying , PLEASE, PLEASE, R.S.V.P. back to me as soon as you can. Depending on how many members/friends are coming along  it will be good to know so I can try to reserve as much space as possible. I am planning on being there “Early, Early “.

From the recent survey from members, this is part of what you wanted, so come along, have some fun and make the day worthwhile for everybody.

This day is on the 4th October , which is a Monday morning which is also the long weekend for the Queens Birthday holiday.



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