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Created by Events Co-Ordinator

This will be the first coffee morning for the year at as yet an unspecified location, but I am working on it and will advise all when I have a spot picked out. Possibly Coffee shop at Warner, possibly , do not quote me as yet.

The days for these “Catch-ups ” will be alternating through out the year as some members are still working and cannot make gazetted days if I hold them all on the same day, so what I am planning on , is to have every second  “coffee” on a Thursday or on a Sunday.

I am planning on trying to get these days on the calendar so everyone will have every chance of being able to pick their days of when and maybe where they can attend.

These days will need to be replied to via an R.S.V.P. on the club website as yet some unknown locations maybe only able to hold a certain number of club members. If no R.S.V.P’s and the number exceeds the place, someone is likely or will  miss out. A previous location was pushing 24 members and was a struggle for the catering staff serving other customers as well.

I am planning on a start time of 9.30 am  ( or some might be 9.00 am , will let you know) for the bulk of these coffee shops and depends on finishing time of around 12.00 am but not sticking to finish time. If you want to stay for lunch or whatever , well , that is up to you then.

So, like I said , coming , well you will need to let me know via r.s.v.p. so I can contact the venue at least a couple of days beforehand.

So, consider these days as they are proving a popular venue outing for members to not only talk about photography but a lot of other subjects as well.

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