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The first coffee for the year at the moment is to be confirmed at a soon to be date for next year and I will advise later. The coffee mornings for the rest of the year will be alternated between the first Thursday and the third Sunday of alternate months. This being planned this way , will give some of the members that are still working a chance to come along and enjoy the mornings where they can.

Coffee mornings are planned as following :-

1st Thursday, 6th January.

February on the 3rd Sunday , 20th .                                 Walkabout mornings are on :- 3rd Sunday ,16th January.

March on the first Thursday, 3rd March.                                                                                 1st Thursday, 3rd February.

April on 4th Sunday ,21st April.                                                                                                 3rd Sunday, 20th March.

May on 1st Thursday, 5th May.                                                                                                   1st Sunday, 7th April.

June on 3rd Sunday, 19th June.                                                                                                 3rd Sunday, 15th May.

July on 1st Thursday , 7th July.                                                                                                  1st Thursday, 2nd June.

August on 3rd Sunday, 21st August.                                                                                           3rd Thursday, 17th July.

September on 1st Thursday, 1st September                                                                                1st Sunday, 4th August.

October on 3rd Sunday, 16th October.                                                                                          3rd Thursday, 18th September.

November on 1st Thursday , 3rd November .                                                                               1st Thursday, 6th October.

3rd Sunday, 20th November.



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