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This social day I have planned is another day for members to have some social time with other members on a day out. The previous day that I planned, there was at least 25 members turning up for a very enjoyable morning of talking , photography of course with members having a go at some macro and general photography and using some other members equipment to get the feel for different types of images.

There is two electric bar-b-que plates beside the shed for anyone wanting a barbie type breakfast or just nearby there is also some shops.

Suggested to bring a fold up chair and maybe a bit of mozzie repellant, this time of year maybe some sunscreen if needed. Anyone with four legged friends, you could bring them along too. They always enjoy a morning out with other four legged ones.

Around 8.45-9.00 am the tide will be full at Sandgate. Depending on the weather, there may be some sailboarders getting around and if there is , there is always some colors to capture of the sails etc. and maybe some riders as well.

There is no special start time , so whenever you want to, drag out of bed and come on down.

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