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Now members, this delightful coffee house and bakery is situated at 52 Main Street in Samford. I checked it out this morning and is a very inviting place for coffee and bakery items. The smell of something cooking made you sit up and take notice.The items in the warmer oven looks absolutely wonderful. I have asked for an outside area where we can normally all sit together . It is an open type area and is undercover.

To find ‘Little Tree ” , if you are coming from Dayboro end , as you cross over the bridge heading south  coming into Samford, the very,very  first building on the left hand side, behind some aged lengths of timber standing up in the air is where it is in behind this ‘fence ‘ . As you look at the building from the street , entry is on the right hand side.

If you are coming from the south heading north , as if you were going to go straight through  town, “Little Tree” is the last on the right just before you cross over the bridge heading out of town.

I have tentatively booked for up to 15-20 people attending . As soon as I get R.S.V.P. confirmed I can advise of how many members will be attending.

I have changed the location to be a bit country for a change instead of seascape area for a change as some members live in the vicinity of Samford , where before members were closer to the beach type areas.

Parking maybe/could be a little bit of a problem as there is not a lot of parking spaces close to the establishment.

So , please , as I always say , please R.S.V.P.  as notification has been asked for on number of members.

Thursday morning next week.

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