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Aspley Camera Club Weekend Getaway at Killarney, the Gem of the Southern Downs. 10,11,12 June 2022. Check in Friday 10, Check out Sunday 12. Stay longer if you want to.

Time for a weekend getaway after all the recent Covid problems. As we have not had a club weekend away for some time, some members have been chasing me to have another one, now let’s make the most of it. The motel (first one that Peter and I looked at) https://killarneysundownmotel.com.au will be limited to a maximum of 19 people in the motel rooms. Out back there are several van sites and quite a large area for tent camping (in June in Killarney, may be a bit cool). What’s wrong with that, snuggle up, you will be just fine. The van area and tent area has been meticulously maintained and is in pristine condition. The motel site is just not far off a main road and is very quiet considering.

Amenities on site… there are toilets and showers for the tent people. There is a rustic community shed for a meeting place which is very well decked out with a large fridge, induction hot plate. micro wave, tables and chairs, a wood burner pot belly stove, washing up area. The shed looks out over the above site line of the van park and tent area out to the local countryside which is possible for some nice sunset shots or from a local hill. The walls and also the roof have a lot of memorabilia hanging up and would make for some interesting photos.

There is also a small leather goods and accessories shop on site in the main office. For any supplies needed (we were told the local butcher is fantastic) it is only 700 metres into town and 750 metres to the local Killarney Hotel. To get home that distance may be doubled depending.

The other van and cabin site is the other side of town, and again is in pristine condition. https://killarneyview.com.au. This will be the option once the Sundown motel is full.

Members are asked to please try and fill the Sundown Motel first so that we can all be together if possible. If you wish to secure a spot you only need to call Claire at the motel and she will hold a booking for you. No deposits are required at this time. Claire will contact us next year with final arrangements. You can either share or book a room to yourself or yourself and partner. If sharing, chat to your sharing friends and mention this to Claire when booking e.g., “Hi Claire, I will be sharing with such and such”.

I will be putting some more information on the notice board regarding both sites, but you can check out both sites by logging onto their websites and check them out.

There are two ways to get to Killarney, through Boonah and up over the Macpherson Range which is a twisty and winding road, but there is some beautiful scenery on the way up and there are several waterfalls not far off the main road. The other way is via Warwick , which may be longer, but quicker time wise and not so twisty and winding.

Further info can be found by contacting myself (Daryl ) or Peter our President.

Get in and book in early, go for it.

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