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Aspley Camera Club Weekend Getaway at Killarney, the Gem of the Southern Downs. 10,11,12 June 2022. Check in Friday 10, Check out Sunday 12. Stay longer if you want to.

Latest update from Daryl, our Master Events Coordinator…


I would like as many members as possible that are going to Killarney, to please let me know, A.SA.P. if you will be at the Hotel on Friday night , as I will have to advise them of capacity needs for the main dining room (hoping we can fill it ).

What makes it hard , is that some members who are coming and may not have r.s.v.p. on the club web page , how can a room be booked for your enjoyment if I don’t know how many will be there. Sorry, but not much needed to R.S.V.P.

Getting away from that, was thinking that members who are going to be possibly doing some walking around the falls areas, maybe a good idea ( if needed) to throw in a small first aid kit , just in case. Better to have one and not use it, if needed. As a thought, anyone going on the Queen Mary Falls circuit , the walk down in a spot or two is a little bit on the steep side, so be careful. Plenty of parrot life here. A good idea for a walking stick or use a monopod. The fall doesn’t hurt , but the stop at the bottom is harder. The track is 2 klm long and the walk to the actual top of the falls is 400 meters, on the shorter side. The full circuit down to the bottom is the tricky bit and then to come up again. The height of the falls is around the 40 meter mark and there is some good spots at the bottom for photography as you cross over the small bridge. Possibly best photographed in the afternoon for the light on the falls.

On Saturday morning, the day is yours for whatever, remembering that Peter has organised for a portrait sitting class of a local icon on the Hotel front verandah, maybe some other locals as well. This is possibly the afternoon some time.

Saturday night, ( lookout !!!!!) It is hoped that as many members that we can squeeze in at the motel into the “community hall ” at the Sundown Motel should be good for a sing-a-long night with some merriment from some of our local members. Our previous camp at Bunya Mountains was a b****** good example of what can happen. Would suggest , if a good night we could be sitting around the log fire pit outside so maybe have a fold-up chair handy and a jacket or three.

There will be several shops open in town, butcher, baker coffee shop and so on if anything is needed.

Not sure, but if needed, there is , I believe , only one garage in town so make sure of your fuel supply as it is about 40 or 50 klm’s back to Warwick.

See y’all soon.

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