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About this event:

Created by programsofficer

ANNUAL CLUB ACTIVITY: HUNT & SHOOT      (Location and times to be advised – usually held in the morning)

Members are invited to attend this activity which is a lot of fun and challenges the photographer to respond to SEVEN image categories on the day, and upload them to a laptop at the end of the activity No editing is permitted, so the aim is to get your settings as best as possible ‘in camera’ during the time allocated (usually approximately 2 hours). Images are to be photographed in jpg format so don’t forget to reset the file type on your camera if shooting in RAW. Everyone who attends may submit possible categories which will be drawn from a hat before we proceed to shooting, so bring along a note pad to jot down the categories so you can keep track of what you’ve taken.

We will hopefully get together for a cuppa whilst download is in progress – if the location does not offer a venue for this, we will byo and share a picnic if possible.

More details will be available once the location is chosen.

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