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A firewheel and light painting afternoon/evening on the beach at Shorncliffe. This is planned for the southern end of the beach down at the groyne from around 4.15 pm until whenever. I have had these afternoon /evenings before and have proven to be popular. So, anyone wanting to come on down bring some light sticks or something that you can handle for shape-shifting in the evening light to produce altered shapes in the dark.

I am planning on having my steel wool display again and getting some fire twirling exercises done in the darkness. These are best done captured on  a tripod, naturally,and possibly bring a maybe wide angle lens or something close to that. Tripod legs in a plastic bag for the saltwater and probably some mozzie repellant, just in case. Best maybe for a fold -up chair and a torch or headlight as you may need to sit at some stage for camera settings etc. to change.

This is all due to the weather being kind to us.

Anyone that has some other ideas to produce some interesting light displays are quite welcome to bring them along. Anyone wanting the time for the tides , the dead low time on that date is due for dead low at 3.30 pm. So, from then, the tide will be coming in and reflection type shots in the sand or water can be caught then.

Always, please R.S.V.P.  if I get numbers, so I know how many are coming we can break up into different effects sessions.

See you down there.

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