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This event to be held on the 8th January at Shorncliffe ( down from the Shorncliffe Pier) foreshore at the southern end of the beach near the rock groyne(wall that goes out from the beach ).

This event is for any members wanting to have a go at firewheel spinning ( burning steel wool, light sticks, light sabre, any sort of item that can light up in the dark ). Bring some ideas for fun on the beach.

Next months images are for “Intentional camera movement”, so maybe some images here can be sought after as well.

As from previous afternoon/evenings, this will be an interesting event for members to try slow shutter speeds, different effects etc. Images here could

possibly be used for our first set subject of “Night Photography” provide there is absolutely NO RESIDUAL DAYLIGHT, GOLDEN OR BLUE HOUR LIGHT

present after sunset, so would need to be shot later in the evening.

The following month’s images are for “Intentional camera movement”, so maybe
some images here can be sought after as well

Members can bring along any items to light up. I will have my steel wool twirling session again.

Suggested items to bring along naturally , a tripod , camera with full charge battery or spares, an empty card, a headlight torch, maybe some mozzie repellent. Plastic bags for the tripod legs to keep out of the saltwater.

The time , at the beach, the tide will be dead low , (5.10 pm) so maybe some reflections in the wet sand and after as the tide starts to come in.

Hopefully , I will be there around the 4.15 -4.30 mark to just hang onto a spot.

Any info needed , you can contact me.

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