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Hi Members,

For our February program night we have the talented Andrew Merefield joining us. He will be talking us through his work in the first session and then do a short portrait demo after the tea break. Please tick I’m attending in the member portal if you plan to attend. We look forward to seeing you there.

Andrew Merefield is a graduate of the Qld College of Art with over 30 years of experience in photography and printing. For the last 22 years he has run Elite Studio, a portrait photography studio. Much of his photography is inspired by many different genres, chief among them is the amazing glamour portraiture from the golden years of Hollywood, dramatically lit black and white portraits by photographers such as George Hurrell, Edward Steichen, C.S. Bull and Milton Greene. In 2020, Elite Studio became the first photography studio in the southern hemisphere to become and official partner studio for Retro Lovely Magazine, a legendary pinup magazine in the US. He also runs photography workshops, passing on the knowledge he has gathered to help other photographers improve their photography. Over those years he has also printed images for professional photographers on many different technologies and media. He has moved from the darkroom days enlarging large format film transparencies onto Cibachrome prints to running his own specialist Black and White film laboratory then progressing and from the early “gicleè” print machines at the birth of digital fine art printing through to current inkjet machines. Through this time his print expertise has assisted many different photographers get the best of their images for competition and exhibition.

Troy Lum, Programs Officer


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