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About this event:

Created by Events Co-Ordinator

The upcoming afternoon/evening workshop for long exposure/coloured lights etc. is planned for the park area at the very western end of Brighton park. Heading north  (this is just before the Hornibrook bridge/ Ted Smout bridge heading to Clontarf). Turn left at traffic lights.

I am planning on having this event at the western end of the park right on the foreshore near the shade structure.

Plan on being there around 5.00-5.30 pm mark. High tide is 12.14 pm and dead low tide is scheduled for 6.32 pm, this area is a long way from the water edge at this time of day.

One point is that parking may be a bit tight. If so, parking is up at the start of the old bridge or even along the roadway to the park. ???? just check on that one.

Shooting area can be/could be a lot better than at Shorncliffe, looking down on the working  area with less of a sandy area.

Again , depending on breeze etc , mozzie repellent needed at this time of day. Very open at this spot.

Don’t forget, empty card, battery , headlight torch possibly need bags on tripod legs.

If you are early enough , images can be taken of the old bridge pylons from the sand flats (wear your wellies), or lucky enough, the well used  “Wanaka Tree “. Bit of a walk on the sand.

Only club financial members for these workshop events and preferably must be “R.S.V. P. “  as a club event for insurance needs if anything to happen.

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