Beachmere sunrise shoot with Daryl Fisher

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Hello to members ,

   Confirming that sunrise at Beachmere for the sunrise shoot on 14 th April is scheduled for 6.02 am.

So, in that situation, any members going along would be best to be at Beachmere waterfront by  5.15 am for the walk to the selected area for photography. About a ten-15 minute walk roughly. Sandy tacks and some mangrove area walking through.

Directions for this area are as follows. Driving in to Beachmere past the bowls club and turn right and continue down the street, as far down as you can go to the parking area as it heads back towards Brisbane direction.

I will be at the park area waiting.

For anyone that has not been to this area, depending on weather etc. you will be needing mozzie repellent, torch, a good set of waterproof booties (namely wellies) and maybe gear as well, plastic bags eg, on the legs of your tripod, a wide lens, and /or cable release for long time exposures. Possibly a big lens for some eagle shots , if we are lucky.

I will check that we may be able to have a bite to eat at a local take away if all is well.


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