Club Meeting – Lecture/Workshop Evening

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Polar Exposures, Earle Bridger.

Not to be missed, if you are doing something that night, cancel it!

Earle began his photography career as a cadet news photographer with The Courier Mail newspaper in 1972. After an exciting 10 years with this metropolitan daily covering news events throughout Queensland and Papua and New Guinea he moved into freelance work where for 15 years he produced images for dozens of Australian newspapers and magazines, specializing in sport and news photography. He worked for the Daily Mirror in Fleet Street London, was contracted to complete two books, ‘Brisbane 82’ and ‘The Twelfth Commonwealth Games, The Official Pictorial History’.

1987-1988 he worked in England as a photography lecturer with Sandwell College of Further and Higher Education, West Midlands. From 1995 to 1996 while completing a ‘Master of Arts – Photography’ at Ohio University he worked for the Athens News as a photojournalist and at the Columbus Dispatch as an assistant picture editor.

Earle worked as a commissioned Photo Editor for Reuters during the Sydney Olympic Games and as a Photo Manager for the Brisbane Goodwill Games. 2006/2007 he spent 18 months as the Pictorial Editor of The Sunday Mail, then Australia’s second largest circulation newspaper (650,000)

Earle’s teaching career has seen him hold many Griffith University appointments such as Senior lecturer Photojournalism, Convenor of Photography Programs, Queensland College of Art (QCA), Deputy Director Gold Coast and most recently as QCA Deputy Director (Development).

He took his first group of photography students on a field trip to the United States in 1992 and since then has either led or participated in multiple trips to China, Vietnam, Peru, Laos, Cambodia, Switzerland and Venice, Poland, Bangladesh, Czech Republic and Nepal.

Earle left full time employment with the university in 2014 to enable more time for his personal Photographic projects such as conducting photographic tours to the Polar regions.

Earle says,’A month ago I returned from another trip to the north, this time as a photojournalist and crewman on board a three mastered timber schooner for a sail from Copenhagen to the Svalbard in the Arctic so have plenty of stories to tell of my 7 week trip.’

Presented By: Earle Bridger

Club Meeting – Lecture/Workshop Evening

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Native to Poland, Renata Buziak’s interest in photography began there before her relocation to Australia in 1991. From obscure close ups of the human form to aerial and macro photography, her work confirms her affinity for and intimacy with the natural world. Renata’s current projects focus on the process of organic decomposition and its effect on photographic materials. The resultant images of this ‘biochrome’ process reflect natural environmental processes and their significance in life cycle.

Renata says, ‘Nature’s vegetation offers an endless supply of organic matter for use in my artworks. I create images by forming alliances between a variety of plants and photographic emulsions. I call these images ‘Biochromes’ because the natural occurrence of decomposition on the photographic materials results in an array of colourful pigmentation arranged in complex and detailed compositions, aided by natures own creative skill.

The chemical and biological reactions that take place during the process of decay are fundamental to my image making process. This art and science endeavor traces the activities of the microbes; reveals the complex process of decay while addressing its metamorphic power. My work also combines my interests in macro and aerial imaging of the environment.

While my practice builds on the traditions of botanical illustrations and experimental photographic techniques, my ‘fertilisation’ of photographic materials, using vegetation, directly focuses on the significance of time and change through organic decay and regeneration, pushing the boundaries of the photographic medium.’

Club Meeting – Lecture/Workshop Evening

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Personal Project Presentation

Throughout 2018 a small group of club members have been developing personal projects on subjects that interest them as photographers. During monthly collaborative get-togethers progress has been discussed, suggestions made and advice followed…..sometimes. Much has been learned and skills have been honed.

Tonight is an opportunity for this band of dedicated shooters to present their project in whatever form to the club as a whole. They may talk about their approach to their very different and individual projects, how they went about capturing the images, the challenges they faced and how they arrived at the final product, whether that be projected images, prints or a photobook or in one case in particular, an informative photo laden database of intrepid trekking.

So please show your support to this group by attending this special event. After seeing their accomplishments you may even be inspired to join the group in 2019. There is much to be learned about photography and oneself by undertaking a personal project of your own. This group will support and guide you no matter your level of expertise.

For those presenting their work, this evening should be an intimate conversation about you and your work. It’s not only about pictures you shot, so tell the story, catch the interest of those listening. What is the subject; why you started work on that project; why it matters and what is the importance of that work for you. Whatever feedback you receive – whether round praise, practical advice or constructive criticism from your peers – you will learn something from all them but some will be more useful than others. Just remember that the first to believe in your work must be you.


John Stein – Print Project – “Working Horses and Working Men”

Peter Law – AV and PhotoBook – “Mundane Works”

Stan Bowles – Print Project – “Beautiful Women I have Known”

Daryl Fisher – AV – “Four Days on Fraser”

David Sedgman – Print Project – “Glimpses of Beauty”

Jeff White – AV and Database – “An Epic Beach Walk”

And more to come…..


Peter Law, Programs.

The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of – Leonardo Da Vinci

Club Meeting – Guest Speaker/Workshop Evening, DK Photography, Dale Sharpe & Karlie Russell

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“As Dale Sharpe & Karlie Russell we make up the team at DK Photography. We are Australian photographers based on the Gold Coast, with a strong passion for Landscapes & Astrophotography. We both just love photography as it has taken us on adventures to explore new and interesting locations across the world. The ability to express ourselves through our work and to share these beautiful moments we capture with you, and connect with people through our imagery, is what drives our passion.

We hope that our work also inspires you to chase your dreams….follow our journey.”

This is a presentation you will not want to miss. Dale and Karlie will willingly share their knowledge with you. I have heard them speak and believe me, they are inspirational!




Club Meeting – Guest Speaker/Workshop Evening, Forever Yours Photography, Forough Yavari

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From Concept to Print

Forough Yavari is an award winning portrait and wedding photographer based in Brisbane. After studying in Art University, painting and photography turned from a personal hobby into a professional challenge for her. The result of her endeavours over those years was her presence in multiple painting and photography exhibitions as well as winning several national and international awards. Her photographic, painting, and installation works have been exhibited in several venues and galleries internationally.
Forough started her photography studio, Forever Yours Photography, in 2012 and in 2014 she joined AIPP and WPPI. She received her AIPP Master of Photography in 2018 and was awarded QLD Illustrative Photographer of the Year 2016, Portrait Photographer of the Year 2017 and 2018.


  • 2018 APP. M. Photog.
  • 2016 APP. AAIPP
  • 2016 Associate of WPPI 


  • 2018 QLD Portrait Photographer of the Year
  • 2017 QLD Portrait Photographer of the Year
  • 2016 QLD Illustrative Photographer of the Year
  • 2015 QLD Illustrative Photographer of the Year – Finalist
  • 2017 WPPI First Half – Second Place – Portrait Contemporary Category
  • 2014 WPPI Second Half – First and Second Place – Illustrative Category
  • 2010 Ranks 7-11th in International Young Artist contest held by UN Habitat Organisation, University of Westminster, London



Commercial Website:

Artworks Website:

Club Meeting – Guest Speaker/Workshop Evening. Shaftesbury v Aspley International Challenge, followed by “The Construction of an Image”

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Overseas Challenge – Shaftesbury CC v Aspley CC

This International Challenge  between our club and the Shaftesbury Camera Club in the UK takes place this year. A judge is appointed by each club to score 24 PDIs, the first 12 being monochrome. The overall scores are then combined to determine the winner. Last year, it was a very close match with Aspley winning by just one half point out of 393. Tonight, Paul Tilley will show the images from both clubs and give an insight into each judge’s comments and scores. The winning club will then be announced. Aspley Camera Club again? Who knows.


The Construction of an Image

In the second half of the evening Peter Law will take you through his own process of creating an effective image from initial planning of the shot, to shooting method and lighting technique, to post processing and refinement using Lightroom software.

Club Meeting – Guest Speaker /Workshop Evening – Mark Rayner, then after supper, Altered Reality with Rae Stanaway

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Mark is a Fully Accredited AIPP Professional Photographer who lives near the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. He has been an avid photographer since his early teens and his enthusiasm and passion for image making now, many years later, is unchanged.

Macro and landscape may seem at opposite ends of the photographic spectrum but Mark’s results are testament to his skill in these areas.

Leading photography workshops and tours throughout Australia and overseas has given Mark the opportunity to visit amazing locations and feed his passion for photography.

Mark’s work is as diverse as it is creative including surreal landscapes, wildlife, insects, flora and fauna whilst keeping in touch with people through street, wedding and portrait photography.

A pre-requisite for good imagery these days, Mark is also skilled in digital workflow and post-processing of photos as well as being accomplished in the use of Lightroom and Photoshop.

Mark loves helping people with their photographic pursuits and draws on his vast wealth of accumulated knowledge to ensure you learn what’s needed to improve. He will be happy to share his experience with you and bring out the best in your photography, whether you own a simple “Point and Shoot” digital camera or a sophisticated digital SLR.



Then, After Supper

A Presentation by Rae Stanaway – Lady of the Manor – Altered Reality & Creative Photography

Rae Stanaway will give a short talk on the rules for Altered Reality and Creative Photography.  She will talk about what story line she was looking for in the Image “Lady of the Manor” then show you step by step how she obtained the finished image. She will not be doing the actual processing in Photoshop but if anyone would like a free of charge two hour Photoshop lesson in Altered Reality she is happy to do a one on one tutorial.  If you would like to do this please email Rae at Admin.