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After a very successful year in 2020, despite the difficulties, many wonderful projects have been successfully completed. If you’ve never been then this is a wonderful opportunity to have your work honestly critiqued in a safe, friendly and inclusive environment.

Our first official PPG meeting is kicking off on Monday 22nd February over at the Library meeting room. I have been advised by library staff today that we can have up to 20 people in the room. I would really like to know how many intend coming to the Group this year, and especially on the 22nd. Let me know by commenting here or via email, phone or in person. This includes anyone who hasn’t been involved before but would like to give it a go this year. You will be most welcome and the benefits are many.

Click on the link for more info.

Pete Law, PPG Convenor

These are the names of the people who have advised me as coming to the first meeting of the Personal Projects Group on Monday 22 Feb. Peter Law, Glenys Peacock, Daryl Fisher, Kevin Pritchard, Lyndall Lazar, Roby Lazar, David Sedgman, Loraine Sedgman, Ian Thomson, Sue Thomson, Margaret Kemp, Paul Tilley, Jeanete Zanotto, Stan Bowles, Allan Copson, Steve Wood , John Stein, Anne Langdon, Lyndal Brown, Paul Skehan.
That makes 20 attendees, the COVID capacity of the room at the Library. Out of this list, if for some reason you can’t attend, please let me know as there may be others who would like to come along. Thank you all for showing interest, I didn’t expect this number of people. If anyone can’t get in this time, try our next meeting on Monday 22nd March.

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Personal Project Group

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Hi everyone

Another interesting evening ahead…let’s talk about your progress or any issues that may be confronting you. The COVID restrictions are still in place of course so please RSVP here so that we know who’s attending. It’s important to do that. 7.15pm is the start time. If you find yourself locked outside text me 0400 065 714.


Personal Project Group

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This Monday 28 June at 7.15pm is our next Project night. Making progress? Yes/No?
Come along with some ideas on sequencing your images. Sequencing images to assemble a visual narrative is definitely an art form. There are an infinite number of ways to put images in groupings…how do YOU go about doing it? Let’s put all our suggestions out there and learn from each other.
This is an evening for discussion and assistance and to show progress.

Personal Project Group – PPG, 1st Meeting of the Year in the Bracken Ridge Library Meeting Room at 7.15pm

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Personal Project Group – PPG, 1st Meeting of the Year at the Bracken Ridge Library Meeting Room.

RSVP here if you intend to join the Group for 2022. The only requirement is that you MUST undertake a Personal Project to be developed throughout the year, and be willing to actively participate in the round table discussions. It’s all about cooperation and collaboration. Be prepared to “Think Outside The Box”. Totally Non-Competitive.