Digital Images

Can I email my digital images to the club?

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Digital Images for club competitions are to be uploaded to the website by opening the appropriate competition from your profile page.

The entries officer does not have security permission to add your images on your behalf.  Emailing of projected image entries for a competition to the entries officer is only permitted in very special circumstances, and by prior arrangement with the entries officer.


How can I resize my digital images to 1920 x 1080?

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It is easy to resize digital images to fit within the 1920 x 1080 competition size without cropping or otherwise altering your images.

  1. Open the image you want to submit in Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Click Image, then Image Size.
  3. Ensure that Constrain Proportions is ticked.
  4. Type 1920 in the Width field. The Height field will be automatically adjusted so that the image proportions are not distorted.
  5. If the Height field is larger that 1080, type 1080 in the Height field. The Width field will be automatically adjusted so that the image proportions are not distorted.
  6. Click OK.

The image is now resized to measure 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high.


How do enter my digital images for competitions?

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Club competition rules are found in the Club Documents section of the website and can be seen by members once they log in.

These rules are updated from time to time to keep in touch with updated technology. Members should check the rules regularly.


General FAQs

What are the images shown in the galleries?

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The Images displayed on the home page are images which received an award of merit or honour in our monthly club competition. Other galleries may include special competitions, or temporary galleries for members selected by the committee.


How can I change my password?

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To change your website password, simply click on Member Details in the menu.

Once your details are displayed, click on Change Password under Member Details in the menu and follow the prompts.


Is parking available at the meeting place?

The Bracken Ridge Community Hall, 77 Bracken St, Bracken Ridge is adjacent the Brisbane City Council Library.

There is plenty of well lit parking available. Please park in the designated parks in front of the library.

Is there really a meeting on a public holiday?

We do not hold meetings on a public holiday. Please check the calendar for the alternative date.

Where can I find the newsletter?

The club newsletter is listed on the top menu of the web site, and is available to all members and the public. The newsletter is emailed to all current club members, viewable on the web site and also viewable on the clubs facebook link.

Set Subjects

Who sets the set subjects for each month?

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The set subjects are chosen by the Executive Committee. Six of the set subjects are subjects from Interclub competitions for the current year, the remaining four subjects are chosen by the Executive Committee from a list of subjects submitted by club members in the latter part of the previous year.



I'm not a member, can I still attend a meeting?

Visitors are welcome to attend our club meetings.

  • Visitors who are not members of other PSQ affiliated clubs are welcome to attend up to 3 club meetings (within 3 months) as a trial period to help them decide if they wish to join the club. These visitors may not attend outings of the club during that trial period. After that time they are expected to join the club if they wish to keep attending meetings.
  • Members of other PSQ affiliated clubs are welcome to attend meetings and also outings depending on availability of places.
  • An Associate Membership is available which allows for attendance at meetings and outings but not entry in competitions or voting rights. This may suit new members who would prefer to not commit to a Full Membership when first joining the club.
  • Club membership ensures that the club’s Public Liability Insurance covers members, which is especially important during club outings.
  • All visitors are to pay the nightly fee which helps to pay for supper and hall hire.