Jane was awarded Digital Projected Image of the Night for her image ‘White Paper’.

Her comments are:

ICM Photography
The white paper images were captured on an easy set up of white card to remove background distractions and natural window light. My settings were approx.. f5.6 @ 1/3sec ISO 100 using my 100mm macro lens. I moved in the direction of the paper through the exposure to create the softness.
I prefer to use my camera handheld to create a more natural movement in the images. I experiment with different directional movement on the same subject to find which works best in each situation and experiment with exposure times and fstops. Generally, I use exposure times between 1/3sec-1/15sec depending on the light, but this can vary. If you use a smaller aperture you are more likely to capture some detail in your image.
Try taking ICM at the start and end of day and you will find the colours really pop because you are leaving the shutter open longer and letting in more light and colour.
This gallery includes several images from Jane’s collection:

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