Vivien Harris

Photography for me is a story telling medium, and an exciting way to document life. I sometimes joke that I have ‘Obsessive Compulsive Photographic Disorder,’ as I take thousands of photos when I travel, locally in Australia, and overseas, hoping that at least one in every thousand photos is a good one! Generally, that is the case, and I enjoy the photographic journey even if most of my photos are not all that good. As my mother was an artist, I grew up seeing the world through an artistic lens, and am conscious of the elements of art (colour, line, shape , space, value, texture, form) in each photo I take.
I really enjoy photographing people in their natural environment doing every day things, so street photography has great appeal, especially in foreign countries. Berlin is an amazing city for street photography, and remote parts of Indonesia and Melanesia offer authentic cultural photographic opportunities. I also enjoy underwater photography on coral reefs, using my water-proof Olympus Tough camera. I also own a Canon mirrorless M50 which I am still learning to use.

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