Phil Davie

“I have had an interest in photography for the past 40 years although for a number of years work pressures interfered with being able to fully pursue that interest. My entry into photography was with a Minolta SLR that I bought in 1982 and during the mid 1980s I enjoyed learning how to develop B&W film and also how to produce prints in the dark room.

2014 saw my interest in photography renewed with vigour and coincided with my discovery of the world of digital cameras. Being able to see the results of captured images immediately was fantastic (and such a change from film) as was then being able to do post processing of the images myself on my home computer.

Conservation and protecting the environment are really important to me and this has led to my photographic interests mostly laying with landscapes, seascapes and nature. My kit comprises Nikon gear including D810 and D750 DSLRs plus zoom lenses covering a focal length range of 16mm to 560mm”

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