Alan Bradley

I started playing with photography as a teenager back in the late 60s/early 70s. My Dad was a keen member of the Portsmouth Camera Club in the UK. This was the days of analogue photography. I learnt how to load bulk film stock into individual rolls of film, develop films in Paterson development tanks and then print the pictures with dad’s homemade enlarger in a dark room set up in the family kitchen.
Once I moved onto colour, I made use of commercial printing services and therefore was no longer able to crop/dodge the photos. It became important to frame shots correctly, using the right exposure and depth of focus as there was no delete button in those days.
Generally, I only took photos of family and holidays during these early years, that said, I always tried to avoid just taking snaps and took the time to compose the photos. I discovered Digital Cameras in the early 2000s but only took photos in Jpeg format until I discovered the Lightroom and Raw format in 2015.
I joined ACC early in 2021 shortly after I retired from work. I do not have a passion for any specific genre(s) and will dabble with most forms of photography, but I do have a soft spot for nature and landscapes. I enjoy the challenge of the monthly club competition set subjects.
The photos selected for this gallery comprise four of my early digital images followed by four that were awarded Honours in ACC competitions.

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