Glenys Peacock

After retiring from full time work a few years ago, I got into photography a bit more seriously. Until then, I had a Panasonic point and shoot camera which I only ever used on automatic so it was something of a challenge to learn about aperture, speed and ISO etc. Mirrorless cameras were becoming more acceptable and I liked the idea of not carrying around a heavy DSLR and its big lenses when I went travelling. I invested in a Lumix GX8 and three lenses then started from scratch with how to use them. Now, six years later, I still love my camera, especially for travel.

My other love is my iPhone 13 Pro Max which I purchased solely for the amazingly high quality images it can capture. I frequently go out walking in the mornings and always have my phone in my pocket ready to snap whatever catches my eye. The quality of these photos is such that it’s impossible to tell whether my images were taken on the phone or on the camera and in fact quite often, I prefer the phone images.

Nature and landscape photography is my favourite genre, though I’ll have a go at most things and must admit I’m starting to get hooked on street photography.

This collection shows a few of my favourite landscape shots taken on my travels in the last year or so.

Glenys Peacock

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