Nick Clarke

Retirement a few years ago gave me the time to embrace photography as a serious hobby rather than solely as an important means for recording our growing family and travels.

I am in my fifth year as a member of a camera club, my second with Aspley CC. It was Aspley’s welcoming environment, coupled with its social activities and the Personal Projects Group (PPG) that lured me here in the latter half of 2021. I have learned so much from other members during the many social outings and from judges during competition. The PPG has encouraged me to take my photography in a new direction with story telling and the use of audio-visual software. This has been very challenging, rewarding and enjoyable; and I believe it has made me a much better photographer.

I try to photograph a broad range of subjects, although I am often drawn to wildlife and aviation. I also like to have fun with my images and will from time to time try something a little different (for me) in an altered reality type of way.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking at a selection of my images and that you gain as much from your association with Aspley Camera Club as I do.

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