I started work as a teacher at Salisbury Primary School and ended up as a principal of schools for thirty-six years. In that time, I was principal of the two Ds, Dajarra and Duaringa. At Dajarra, I took many Polaroid shots of kids as a tool in teaching reading.
I moved on to other schools where I used photography as a motivational tool in helping with poor self concept and consequently, poor work. I have always believed in making people look the best they possibly can.
I loved photographing on the sideline for State of Origin, being given an hour to photograph Miss Australia and also Bob Hawke who was so inspirational. I also loved winning a Nikon F3 in an Australian competition.
I did heaps of commercial work with portraits and weddings and loved doing that.
I have not shown much interest in competition work as growing older I have just enjoyed shooting photos.