What you should look for when joining a Photography Club

Whether you are a beginner, enthusiastic amateur or a skilled photographer, joining a photography club is one of the best ways to improve your skills. The club can also be a great venue for meeting others who share the same interests as yours. You will not only form new friendships, you will also have fun while learning new things about the art of photography.

What to do if you want to join one

You should look for a club offering the best benefits for its members, whether in the field of learning or in terms of opportunities. A good photography club offers an excellent mix of activities and also opportunities to learn. What are the benefits that you should consider when choosing a photography club?


A club that is easily accessible is the best one for you. Travelling many kilometres can take away the fun and excitement (except when attending club outdoor field trips).

Members who are passionate about photography

A good photography club is one that exemplifies love and passion for the art. Take time to find out what type of members make up the majority of the club. There are clubs that allow non-members to visit and show interest before deciding to join. Can you imagine yourself connecting with this group over time.


It’s likewise important to look for a club that has members from different backgrounds. You’ll find better opportunities in a club like this.

More avenues for experience

There are competitive clubs, non-competitive clubs or amalgams of the two. Which one is more important for you? The majority of younger photographers choose to go with a more non-competitive club because it allows them more chances to share their experience with others. In the process, they gain knowledge too, from their fellow members’ experiences. Look for a club that encourages sharing and learning over competition.


Finally, choose a club that actively participates in exhibits and other similar activities. The club should be open to joining these events. Events like this will give its members a chance to be exposed to a larger audience. If you choose to avail yourself of these opportunities, the rewards are many.

Social Media

Outside of club meetings and get-togethers, a good club should have other opportunities for engagement. A website not only details the objectives of the club, but also provides constant news updates, tips and advice from photography experts. The website should also showcase members’ works. Social media such as Club Facebook and Instagram pages and groups keeps things rolling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, .


If you’ve checked four or five of the items in the above checklist , you’ve found the right photography club for you. You’re ready to expand your photography skills and connect with like minded people!