A page for new members to become familiar with our website.


Task 1: Setting up your profile

Your profile lets you add a personal image and a cover image.  Your profile image (personal picture) will be displayed in a circle so find a square image. Please make it about 800 x 800px. Your cover image will be a panorama format. Please make your image say 1920 x 400px.  The webpage will crop and resize as necessary.

When you have these, select the link ‘Your Profile’ on the right side (Members Menu – right side of this page).  Once in your profile, Select Edit and update your personal information.  The information you see displayed is already in our members database.  If this is not correct and you cannot change it, please email admin@aspleycameraclub.org.au.  Please also update the security associated with your personal information.  Who can ‘see’ your information  Only You   Only Members  or  Everyone?  (Everyone means anyone who visits our web pages).

Now select ‘Change Profile Picture’.   Upload you personal picture and crop to the detail you want.  Now select ‘Change Cover Image’, upload your image and crop to suit.

You can change the security by selecting the Setting link on your profile page.


Task 2: Uploading your Images for Competition

All images entered to club competition are submitted through the competitions section of the website.

A digital copy of your print images are also uploaded to the website and the physical copy is handed to the competitions coordinator one month prior to the judging of the image.  The digital copy of your print entry will be used to project the image during judging.  The competitions coordinator may also use the digital copy for interclub competitions where a print entry is inappropriate.

Your images must conform to maximum image size rules – 1920px x 1080px

Each competition has a start and end date.  Once the end date has passed, the competition will disappear from the list of available competitions.

Select Competitions from the main menu or from your profile page.

Select  Monthly Competitions:  {Month} {Year}

A page is displayed where you can browse to and select your digital or (digitised) print entries.  Once an image is selected, use the pull down to show it being submitted as a SET or OPEN image.  Check the box if the image is a copy of your print entry.

Repeat this for all your entries.  When all your entries have been added, select Submit.  Please wait now for the images to be uploaded.  There should be an animated circle showing that the page is loading in the browser toolbar.  A message will be displayed on the page when your entries have been received.

If you now re-open the competitions page, you will see that you have ‘Submitted’ to the competition.  If you change your mind, you have the option to delete submission. This will delete ALL your entries for this competition and you will have to re-submit all your entries.


Task 3: Responding to Events

The calendar (Events Menu) shows the upcoming events. Some events, such as our general meetings are ‘public’ events. These are the only ones displayed in the calendar when you are not logged in. Most are member only events – they are only seen after you have logged in.

If the event has a specified location, a google map is displayed. If you are using GMail an ‘Export to GCal’ button links the event to your GMail calendar (Yes there’s a similar option for Apple Users). You can also leave a reply if you need to add more information for the co-ordinator.

Most importantly there are three buttons up the top ‘No’, ‘Maybe’ and ‘I’m attending’. This provides an RSVP to the event co-ordinator who can keep in touch if there are any changes to the event.