Personal Project Galleries

Still Life images created in my garage during COVID-19 lockdown.

Peter Law


To find beauty where others see only emptiness or junk: that might be one of the artist’s greatest gifts. I just wanted to show what lay within the houses that were a part of my primary subject, the domestic landscape. I also hoped, however, to find “evidence of human caring.”

My aim in this presentation is to explore the Japanese concept of Zen as a form of meditation and relaxation. While in Japan in January last year, I learnt much about Zen, a form of meditation which enables one to find enlightenment - peace, tranquillity and
fulfilment in one’s life, by achieving a state of harmony with the natural world.

Margaret Kemp


The collection is the result of looking up, mostly from my backyard. Clouds created different pictures before my eyes. Each direction presented a very different picture. The cloud creations changed throughout the day.

Jane Howie


I have attempted to move from conventional landscape photography into a conceptual style of image. I wanted to capture the emotion, colour and light that take your breath away when you enjoy these elements of nature. Through camera movement and slow exposure, I have created a kind of photographic impressionism.

Cesar Sarmiento


On my trip too Antarctica I discovered another face of God’s amazing creation, everything there was different to any other landscapes that I have seen in my life, the colours, the textures, were a totally new experience for me.